Each day's score is composed for chorus, string quartet and tape, with lyrics generated from text written by UK web users across the day. The tape part is drawn from sound material uploaded to the web during the score's formation, sourced from video logs and community discussions.

Following the traditional structure of evensong, Vespers is structured in seven sections.

  1. Preces: Unanswered questions, asked on social networks and Q&A sites.
  2. Chapter: Dominant topics discussed throughout the day, with a cross-section of responses.
  3. Ars Technica: Issues and topics in arts, science, technology and culture.
  4. Populus: General commentary and freeform conversation, explored through free association.
  5. Mundi: World affairs.
  6. Magnificat: A summation of the previous parts.
  7. Compline: Hopes and concerns for the day ahead, structured in haiku form.