Damien Borowik

Drawing machine design and construction

Damien Borowik is a visual artist interested in the way tools are used to shape mediums during the creative process.

His practice is intrinsically linked to the art of making, where the use of digital and analog technologies become an intrinsic part of the artefact's aesthetic. Borowik uses both traditional and new tools and techniques, but also creates his own by hand, code and machine.

dborowik.com / drawingmachine.com


Web crawling and analysis technologies

Diffbot provide computer vision APIs that transform the web into structured data, traversing links and extracting meaningful information. Vespers relies on Diffbot's APIs for its web crawling and analysis processes.

Many thanks to Diffbot for providing these technologies for use in the work.



Hestia Peppé

Technical Consultancy

Patrick Tresset
Roland Ellis




Sarah Toplis
James Cowdery

Studio Management

Özden Şahin